-AkoFresh Pilot Project-

Location: Offinso North, Ashanti Region - Ghana

Akumadan-Afrancho community was once known to be the major tomato farming centre in Ghana and now it faces huge losses due to the excessive spoilage of crops. The community is home to about 7000 farmers and they lose 1 million USD seasonally.  

Annually, over 4,200 metric tonnes of tomatoes are lost as a result of post-harvest losses.

akofresh impact
AkoFresh 3D solar unit

Our Solution

AkoFresh seeks to keep the farmers' hope alive by providing them an innovative community storage facility which is fully off-grid.

Farmers are offered a flexible payment system based on a daily fee or a subscription fee for each crate of farm produce stored in our cold rooms.


Through AkoFresh, post-harvest losses in Akumadan-Afrancho Community will be reduced by 50% in the next two years and the farmers’ total seasonal income will be increased by over 1 million USD.