Cold Storage

A solar-powered cold storage system to prevent

post-harvest losses of perishable crops.

Crop Spoilage: The Elephant In The Room
1.3 billion tons of food loss each year

Post-harvest Losses of vegetables and fruits occur at all points in the supply chain from post-production storage to the food being placed on a plate for consumption. UNEP estimates that a staggering 15% of food waste related CO2 emissions come from inefficiency in post-harvest cold chains.

Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have been found to lose as much as 36 percent of their total harvested food, with up to 94 percent of these losses attributed to inefficient supply chains.

Post-harvest loss is a threat to food security, economic stability as well as environmental protection that cuts across most farming communities in Africa and around the globe. 

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About AkoFresh
Here's What We Offer:

AkoFresh is a green, cold chain social enterprise, offering local farmers and traders practical preservation services to help reduce post-harvest losses starting with Ghana.

AkoFresh will begin with focusing on tomato preservation in Ghana which accounts for 38% of Ghana's National Vegetable Expenditure. We will work with Akumadan-Afrancho as our first pilot community which was once known to be the major tomato farming community in Ghana but now faces huge losses due to the excessive spoilage of crops.

With the help of our partners, we will offer small-holder farmers training in sustainable farming practices and connection to viable markets.



Sustainable Preservation

Social Impact

SDGs Addressed

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Yaw Agyapong
(Akumadan Farmer and Youth Leader) 


"The tomato buyers do not come to purchase the produce after harvesting and tomatoes

are left on the farms to rot.

Introducing a “Cold Store” is a great idea since we will be able to keep our tomatoes

fresh while we find buyers."

Farmer's Testimonial

Environmental Protection

Reducing green house gas

emissions and conserving environmental resources.

Economic Stability

Alleviating poverty in  small-holders' farming communities.

Job Creation

Creating employment opportunities for women and the youth.